New Staff Position


The position we are seeking to fill is full-time. This includes a weekly salary, monthly insurance stipend, and basic weekly gas allowance. After six months employment, a week of vacation is offered, after one year, two weeks of vacation are offered. Once the staff member crosses their third anniversary on staff they will be offered three weeks of vacation.

We are in need of a married man, who is a graduate from a theologically conservative Baptist college with a minimum of a Bachelors degree. He must be able to lead congregational worship in an exciting and spiritually powerful manner. Our Church also has a choir of approximately 20 members that sings an array of Southern Gospel type arrangements.

We are seeking an individual who has a true excitement about Church music. We are a hymn church but we use rear projection screens to make use of a broad array of old hymns and new hymns. The applicant would need to have a fresh vision for leading congregational worship in order to best prepare them for the ministry of the Word.

The position also has some leadership duties. These would include leading outreach activities as well as organizing and training children's church volunteers.

He must be able to teach, preach, and build a Sunday School class on Sunday morning. Depending upon the particular skills of the candidate, we will direct the age of the small group he will build. 

He must also understand that this is also an assistant pastor position. He will work closely with Pastor Brown in leading the educational ministries of the church. This will include leading the outreach ministries of the church.

To apply send resume and picture to